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The Training Walk: Back in the Groove

Boy, what a difference not being in pain makes! All that lovely physical therapy has finally paid off. Last Friday, I did six miles and was tired, but not hurting by the end. In fact, I was fine. I even did a little bit more walking after lunch to get to the library.

Who knew? I’m excited, refreshed and ready to walk again.

Now to get the foster dog with the program. Wooly Boy is a bit more energetic than our forever dog Clyde, so he’s getting extra walks to calm him down and keep him behaving. Next week is an easy week (I do three weeks increasing mileage, then an easy week), so Wooly will be coming out for the two and a half miler on Tuesday and maybe even the four and a half miler on Friday. Assuming I don’t have a meeting to get to that day. Mwah-hah-hah-hah!

Next up – finding a dictation program for Android that will let me dictate novels while I walk.

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