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Talks and Classes Available

A selection of talks and classes that I have given and are available now for booking. Please use the contact form at the bottom to request a class or more information.

Readings From

I don’t just teach people how to read their own work, I read and perform my own. Or anyone else’s. It’s an entertaining event filled with music, fun and great literature. Shows include:

  • Classic Women – selections from classic works by and about women, including Jane Austen, William Shakespeare and Louisa May Alcott
  • Holiday Happiness – Pick your holiday, you’ll get a selection of stories to go along. Halloween spookiness with Edgar Allen Poe, St. Patrick’s Day with classic Irish tales, you name it.
  • My Own Stuff – Selections from my murder mysteries Tyger, Tyger and Fascinating Rhythm, plus music and background inspirations.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to let me know what you need and I’ll build a great show just for you.

From Fascinating Rhythm

A quick cut down from the first two chapters of my mystery novel Fascinating Rhythm.


Not Just Tasting Wine…

From Winetasting 101 at the Altadena Public Library

Stop Those Wine Snobs in Their Tracks

We all know how to taste wine – we take a sip and taste it. What we don’t always know is how to describe the experience. This class will not only teach you all that wine lingo, it will:

  • Teach you how to take notes on what you’re drinking so you can remember why you liked something.
  • Give you the confidence to order wine for the whole table.
  • Help you stand up to those snobs who think that their palate is the only palate.

Scroll down and use the contact form below to get more information, a list of upcoming classes or to book your class today.

How to Read Your Own Work

For poets and authors – Connect with your audiences, don’t bore them. This class will teach you the fundamentals of reading aloud, with special emphasis on the added challenge of reading something you wrote, yourself.

  • Learn how to breathe to support your voice, not choke it
  • How to be expressive without going overboard and how to handle different voices
  • How to get over nerves and what to do when something goes wrong

This class can be offered as both a series or as a one-night seminar. Click on the form at the bottom to get more information about upcoming classes and how you can book a class of your own.

Basics of Soapmaking

This class was a major hit at the Altadena Public Library. I not only make soap, I can teach you how to make yours. You’ll get all the basics, plus some of your own to take home. The class covers:

  • The chemistry of making soap – no formulas, just what’s happening. Really.
  • The different types of soap-making
  • A live demonstration of the process, step by step.

Use the contact form below to get more information and to book your class.

Social Media 101

Facebook has you flustered? Do you twinge at the thought of tweeting? Is Pinterest a pain? Learn what social media can do for you and for your business. The talk/class covers:

  • All the basic social media venues (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest)
  • How to find content worth posting
  • Ways to find the time to get it all done.

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to find out about upcoming classes or to book yours.

How to Blog

Whether you just want to get your thoughts out there or want to connect with customers, blogging is a powerful tool.

  • Learn which platform is right for you
  • Basics of writing good, readable posts
  • Using basic rules to keep your backside out of trouble
  • Search Engine Optimization and analysis tools to make sure your blog is being read by the right audience

Send me an email in the form below to find out how to book your next class

Media Literacy – And, Yeah, You Need It

Thanks to the information hosepipe, it can be pretty tough to figure out who’s lying, who’s just stupid and who has the facts straight. Media Literacy may sound like a snooze, but when you’re trying to figure out if that tweet about your favorite celebrity is for real or a hoax, it’s pretty important. Based on my 15-plus years of reporting on media and parenting, I can help you understand how we consume media and why we believe what we believe and give you the tools to sort out fact from fiction.

Use the contact form below to book a talk now or to get more information.

My Rates are Reasonable

And I’m very flexible. Use the form below to let me know exactly what you need, and we’ll pull together a great program that will entertain and inform your group.

Use the form below to get more information or to book a talk

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