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All manner of interesting thoughts from the lovely people who have contributed guest posts.

G.P. Gottlieb on Clichés

I met G.P. Gottlieb a year ago at the aborted Left Coast Crime conference. For a conference that barely lasted ...
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A.J. Llewellyn On Where the Research leads

I am so glad to have A.J. Llewellyn on my blog today. She's been a buddy of mine from Sisters ...
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C.P. Lesley on Conjuring the Past

C. P. Lesley, a historian, is the author of The Not Exactly Scarlet Pimpernel and three series: Legends of the ...
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Margaret Lucke on Bringing the Reader Into the Story

Margaret Lucke doesn't just write novels, she teaches writing for the UC Berkeley extension. I'm so lucky to have her ...
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Amber Foxx Writes about Real Conflict

This is kind of a tough post for me, partly because I was also involved in the below issue. I ...
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Sheila Lowe – From Handwriting Analysis to Mystery Writing

Sheila Lowe, MS, CFDE, is the author of the Claudia Rose series, and the Beyond the Veil series. She's also ...
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Jennifer J. Chow’s Top-Ten L.A. Things to Do

I met Jennifer J. Chow at the recent Left Coast Crime conference, but we're also members of Mystery Writers of ...
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Betty Webb – On How Writing Expands

I belong to a couple of different organizations for professional writers, one of which is the Mystery Writers of America, ...
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Ana Manwaring on Writing

I met Ana Manwaring at Left Coast Crime. We were about to pitch our books to a bunch of fans ...
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Maria Gustafsson On hometown history and her taste in books

Today we have my Internet friend Maria Gustafsson sharing how an event in her hometown turned her onto spy novels ...
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