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My Sweet Lisa

My Sweet Lisa is book seven in the Operation Quickline series of romances with espionage intrusions. It features Lisa Wycherly and Sid Hackbirn as a pair of undercover counter-espionage agents who weren’t supposed to fall for each other. Here’s where you can buy the book version from your favorite retailer. Or click here to see the rest of the Operation Quickline series.

Finally, it’s real love… Now what?

Yep, it’s Real Love, but…

Lisa Wycherly’s surprise birthday party ends in a terrifying disaster when she’s kidnapped off the street. Her partner, Sid Hackbirn, is so devastated that he loses his interest in sleeping around – the one thing keeping the two of them apart. The kidnapping gets messy enough when it comes to light that the kidnappers got the wrong target. There’s also a defecting KGB agent playing games with the CIA, who are involved with the Colombian kidnappers.
Then Lisa’s recovery sets in motion a whole other set of challenges as she and Sid deal with her trauma and try to get the KGB agent under control, only to find that Sid’s randy past will continue to haunt them. The only thing worse? Figuring out how to be a couple.

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