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Tyger, Tyger

It started when they shot my father

Welcome to the page for Tyger, Tyger, featuring Brenda Finnegan, her animal trainer boyfriend Bob Zebrinski, and Bob’s tiger Sweetness. The book runs about 200 pages and costs $3.99 for the ebook and $13.99 for the paperback at the fine retailers below.

Tyger, Tyger Synopsis

Teacher Brenda Finnegan has been haunted by violence for most of her life. But when she and her animal trainer boyfriend Bob Zebrinski witness a kidnapping, then end up caring for the little girl the victim left behind, Brenda decides it’s time to do something about the violence by finding the kidnappers.

Then the kidnapping victim’s body is found and an angry religious cult comes after Brenda and Bob. But Brenda soon finds that dodging vengeful religious fanatics, caring for a traumatized child and solving a murder are all easier than facing down her neuroses.

Read the first chapter here

Click here to read the first chapter of Tyger, Tyger.

How I wrote Tyger, Tyger

This story started as a dream. I’m not sure how or why, but I dreamed about a tiger. I don’t even remember the dream, except for that haunting face. Maybe I’d read the poem by William Blake too many times. But there it was. I had a tiger that wanted to solve crimes.

The next challenge was to make this all plausible. Well, hell. I live in Los Angeles. The local big Industry specializes in all sorts of weird stuff, including animal training for films and TV. So Bob Zebrinski came to life, and the tiger became Sweetness, a lovable, if exceedingly dangerous kind of pal. Bob, being an animal trainer working big cats, has several others, too. But Sweetness started acting like a real cat – which tigers are.

At the same time, Brenda Finnegan’s voice started echoing in my ears. Fortunately, I have not dealt with her particular trauma of having lost a father to violence when she was a teen. But her fears are not only about that. They’re about her mother, with whom she has a difficult relationship. A certain podcaster once noted that almost all of my books feature the families of the characters. And Tyger, Tyger is part of that tradition, with Bob’s family also getting in on the act. It makes for a fun story, but it’s also an interesting insight into who these people are.

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