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White House Rhapsody

What do you do with a novel that won’t end?

You blog the bejeebers out of it!!

In 2008, I began blogging in earnest. I started the YourFamilyViewer blog about television (which has since died). And sometime either right before or right after that, I posted Episode One of White House Rhapsody.

I originally wrote the novel in the 1980s, probably right after the Operation Quickline series fizzled. It was not the best thing I’d ever written, mostly because the darned thing wouldn’t end. Not to mention all the characters besides my two main characters who wouldn’t shut up, but kept insisting that their stories be told alongside Mark and Sharon’s.

So when blogging became a thing, I thought what the heck. I’ve since found out that there were people who were serializing their fiction at the time. But I was among the first to do it. So excuse me if I brag that I was serializing fiction long before Amazon ever thought of it.

Coming – More Episodes!

In fact, I’ve put it on the calendar. Right after book twelve in the Quickline series finishes posting, which should be in August 2024, the next series of episodes of White House Rhapsody will begin. I’m doing some more tweaks on the previous episodes, so that’s why it will only be available for purchase as an ebook.

Please note – the ebook is a series of blog posts and the story has not ended. Think of it as the blog version of a TV series.


The last thing President Mark Jerguessen needs or wants is a White House Romance, never mind that he’s single. Then Sharon Wheatly walks into his life and agrees to work as his aide. The attraction is very mutual, but Sharon does not want an uber-famous boyfriend. So how to work together while fending off an intense attraction? Should be no problem at all. Right?

Not when all of Mark and Sharon’s colleagues, friends, and family are conspiring to get the two of them together. But they don’t know the dark secret in Mark’s past that is keeping him from a relationship. Nor do they understand Sharon’s fear of being in the public spotlight.

Sharon befriends Mark’s sister June, who shares Mark’s dismal past. Sharon’s brother Michael, is trying to spend more time with his daughters Toby and Jodi, both of whom are trying to be who they are rather than the normal teens their mother wants them to be. Matthew, Mark’s nephew, faces serious family problems, and runs to his famous uncle for help. Sharon’s sister Susan is coming to terms with her devastating disability

As Mark and Sharon become better and better friends, their lives and families become even more closely intertwined. Getting swept away by their love for each other seems like it’s only a matter of time. If only it won’t ruin both their lives.

These are the episodes that have appeared on my fiction blog in the past. Buy now to catch up before the new episodes begin!

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