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The worst has happened. There’s been a leak in the courier system that is Operation Quickline, and Lisa Wycherly and Sid Hackbirn are sent to plug it. This is no straight up investigation. The two are being used as bait for a complex trap. 

Lisa and Sid make their way around the country, starting in Washington, DC. Lisa eats her way through Manhattan, Sid puts up with rides at DisneyWorld, Florida. But the tension really ratchets up in New Orleans, when Lisa is spotted by a pair of thugs determined to kill her. 

The trail of dead bodies grows, but something else is happening. Sid and Lisa learn not just to accept each other, in spite of their very differing values. They try to understand each other, which means learning about their childhoods and how they became the people they are.

Surviving the challenges to their respective values is hard enough. The bigger challenge will be to stay alive long enough to return home to their normal lives.


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