Sad Lisa

It’s the fifth Operation Quickline story.

Tailing a diplomat to take down a  bad guy is business as usual for Sid Hackbirn and Lisa Wycherly, the counter-espionage team that lives together. In separate bedrooms.

Then Lisa gets engaged to her boyfriend, George Hernandez, and Sid doesn’t take it so well. Sid disappears and is found. Lisa gets sent on a wild-goose chase to San Francisco. George gets annoying, and Sid asks her to move into his bedroom permanently.

But nothing will prepare her for the blow to come.

Sad Lisa will appear on the blog on Fridays.

Operation Quickline Boxed Set

Follow Sid Hackbirn and Lisa Wycherly through their first four adventures together. He’s a notorious playboy, she’s pure as the driven snow. Sid recruited Lisa to work as his associate for Operation Quickline, a counter-espionage agency so secret most people don’t know it even exists. The two find a way to live and work together platonically. The problem is, the attraction between the two keeps getting stronger. Is Lisa going to give in to Sid? Will Sid settle down and be faithful to Lisa? The tension grows with each adventure.

The boxed set will include That Old Cloak and Dagger Routine, Stopleak, Deceptive Appearances, and Fugue in a Minor Key. And possibly more, depending on when it gets released. But look for that announcement soon.


In the Queue

I’ve got lots of projects in various stages of production. Book Five in the Operation Quickline series, Sad Lisa, is being serialized on the blog now, with Book Two of White House Rhapsody coming after that.

We may see Rage Issues next spring. We may see Run With the Wind. We may see something else altogether. Both Rage Issues and Run With the Wind are major departures for me. Rage Issues is not only a contemporary mystery, it features some more realistic language than you usually find in my books. In other words, I drop a few f-bombs, which you’d expect from Daria Barnes, a former theater producer working for her best friend, a private investigator looking into the murder of the band supporting a country star. Run With the Wind is a fantasy about a young girl blessed with the gift of hearing the animals’ voices, and the young prince being pushed into marriage when he’d rather be a monk. I decided to see if I could write violence and sex and found I mostly can.

Granted, none of this is set in stone. Things seem to change around here on a weekly basis. But this is the current plan. Please come back often for the latest updates.