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Death of an Heiress

It’s book four in the Old Los Angeles series, Death of an Heiress. And Maddie Wilcox is up to her ears in trouble again.

When the unmentionable stalks the pueblo…

Death of an Heiress synopsis

It starts when the inheritance that Lavina Gaines was to receive is stolen by her brother Timothy. Then an old Indian healing woman is murdered. Winemaker and physician Maddie Wilcox wants to find the person responsible for Mama Jane’s death, but is also occupied with another killer – the measles.When Lavina’s friend Julia Carson dies trying to rid herself of a pregnancy, Lavina asks Maddie’s help finding the man responsible for Julia’s child. Soon after, Lavina is killed and her murder bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Mama Jane’s. The only motive Maddie can find involves Julia’s death, which is not the sort of thing one talks about. Not only that, Lavina’s nether garments are missing.How does a proper lady in 1872 get the answers she needs to stop a killer determined to stop her first?

Download a pdf of the first chapter

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