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A Ring for a Second Chance

A New Fantasy!

In this sequel to a beloved fairy tale, an all-too convenient accident supposedly kills a young king and his family. Steffan and Ella and their children are, however, very much alive, but forced into hiding lest Steffan’s cousin, Queen Lanicia, wipes them out. Claiming to be a merchant fallen from the new queen’s favor, Steffan takes up farming in a small village. He and Ella raise their growing, and expanding, family, keeping their secret while forming friendships and building the support Steffan will need to regain his throne. Fortunately, there is just a bit of magic helping them along. But will it be enough?

The main characters in this story first came to life for me when I was 15. Being the usual brooding, dreamy teen-ager, it occurred to me that I could justify all my day dreaming if I wrote it down. So I did and the result was my first novel, which wasn’t all that good, for obvious reasons. The thing is, Steffan and Ella kept haunting my brain and years later, after a fair amount of practice, this novel happened.


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