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These are my adventures – okay, my misadventures – in the world of sewing and clothing construction. It’s what happens when someone with just enough knowledge and no talent gets a hold of fabric and patterns.

Two Quick Sewing Tips

I must confess that I have gotten a little skeptical about quick sewing tips. Inevitably, they're not quick, nor are ...
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Repurposing Old Clothes – How I’m Doing It

To be honest, I've had all kinds of plans for repurposing old clothes in the household, along with several mountains ...
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Getting Past Perfectionism

I often joke about the Sewing Report being my comedy of errors as I sew. For example, finally getting a ...
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Re-Creating a Jacket

I wish I had a picture of my old linen and silk jacket from Ann Taylor. I bought it sometime ...
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Making Bias Tape

Clover Bias Tape Maker Who'da thunk it would be this fun making bias tape? Please note that I bought the ...
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Skirting the Design with a Single Seam

So I'd had this piece of fabric in my stash that looked like rip-stop nylon, but wasn't, for a very ...
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Rocking My Assembly Line Sewing

My COVID-19 silver lining has been time to sew, and thanks to assembly line sewing, I am cranking out the ...
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The edging Foot

"Why don't you get an edging foot?" my friend Jennifer asked me. I was complaining about my lousy top stitching ...
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Facings Be Gone!

A few years ago, I made what turned out to be a really cute skirt. It fit well and was ...
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Look, Ma! I Made Farn!

This is a little tutorial on how to make fabric yarn. It's also a bit about why you would want ...
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