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Updating the Jacket Re-creation Project

Last June, I posted about my attempt to recreate a jacket that I’d had a lot of years ago. Well, the start of the sewing part of that project. I finally got some time to work on it over the weekend, and here we are.

looking at the current progress on re-creating a jacket

The sleeve seams have been sewn and the placket I’m using on them is attached and topstitched down. I stitched the back and fronts together at the shoulders, and attached the standing collar. It did not come out perfectly, and I promise you, there was considerable cursing involved. But no one is going to notice or probably even see the two glitches. No, I’m not saying where they are. I also overlocked the side seams.

I still have to attach the cuffs, then get the bottom band attached and topstitched. Then buttons and buttonholes.

What have I learned so far? I’m getting some experience working with linen, which will help with another project I’m planning. Ummm. I shouldn’t have but bought some more fabric with some cash I’d gotten for Christmas. Including this gorgeous linen print that I will post about later.

I’m still working on getting past the perfectionism. I suspect that one’s going to be a lot harder to get past. But I did leave the glitch in the collar. And I’m beginning to get excited about wearing my new jacket. And thinking about the silk version that I hope to make. I’ll count that as progress.

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