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Sad Lisa

Sometimes, you have to face what’s most in your way…

Lisa Wycherly’s secret life as a spy has always made things tricky for her social life. When her boyfriend, George Hernandez, proposes, she shocks everyone, including herself, by accepting. And no one is less thrilled by the news than Lisa’s boss and housemate, Sid Hackbirn. Not that he’s saying so, of course.

The new situation complicates their latest case – trying to follow and capture a double agent that is trying to bring down Operation Quickline, the ultra-secret espionage agency that Sid and Lisa work for. Then Sid gets kidnapped and rescued. George starts to resent Lisa not telling him everything that’s going on in her life. Lisa is ready to give up on men altogether, only to find that Sid has another bombshell to drop on her.

Confused and frustrated, Lisa has to keep her head together long enough to work the case – which soon blows up into the worst of all possible nightmares.

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