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That Old Cloak and Dagger Routine

Cover art for the romantic spy novel That Old Cloak and Dagger Routine

In 1982, Lisa Wycherly was broke, out of work and desperate. So when Sid Hackbirn offered her a job as his live-in secretary, she jumped at it, little knowing just how dangerous it would be. Living at Sid’s house was scary enough, given Sid’s tendency to fool around and Lisa’s unexpected attraction to him in spite of their directly opposed values regarding sex. Sid was a spy for an ultra-top-secret agency and had recruited Lisa to work as his associate. Sid knew he was turning Lisa’s life upside-down. He had no clue what she’d do to him.

As Lisa learned the spy biz, things got rocky almost immediately. Lisa wasn’t used to being in danger and didn’t always react well. Sid tried to maintain his usual emotional distance but soon found that Lisa was not going to let him. It took the kidnapping of a college professor to force the two to really talk, and Lisa to face her own fears.

spy novel, cozy spy fiction


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