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But World Enough and Time

When Past, Present, and future Collide…

Robin Parker does not know what to make of her brother Dean’s discovery in the old English castle, namely a strangely modern room with a young woman named Elizabeth inside dressed like she’s from the 17th Century. The equipment looks like it could be a suspended animation set-up, and when Robin sends herself to the future from one of the modules, she realizes that Elizabeth has been on suspended animation for almost 500 years, put there by a “magician” named Roger.
The three escape the room with a portable time machine in hand, but it’s soon clear that Elizabeth is not up to life in the 21st Century.  Robin is also dying to travel back in time, so she makes the decision to take Elizabeth back to England in the 1640s, with Dean in tow. They land in a village similar to Elizabeth’s home so as to avoid Roger finding her again. What they don’t realize is that there’s another traveler from the future – one who is determined to take Elizabeth at all costs.

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