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Okay, so I’m into a lot of different things. The below links should get you to each of the different topic areas that I write about. Have fun.

A Nose for a Niedeman

My latest fiction serial – When a forgery case turns up a murder, very private investigator Delilah Sperling must sniff out the fakes from the real to uncover the killer.

mystery fiction, mystery serial

New Serial! A Nose for a Niedeman Launches Today

The picture dominated the room. It was not a part of the room. It was stark and modern, and completely ...
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mystery fiction, mystery serial

Chapter Two

The first thing Mrs. Sperling did was send Kyle Hoffman to phone the police. The second thing was to have ...
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The Dark Side of the Fridge

Posts about how to really cook, as opposed to merely following recipes. If you truly want to get dinner on the table with a minimum of fuss.

How to cook, cooking for beginners, cooking without recipes

How to Chop an Onion

Wow. It feels like forever since I’ve a done a Dark Side of the Fridge post. And it probably has ...
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Stray Thoughts

Rants, musings, what have you. Anything that doesn’t fit into my other topic areas.

Essays, general essay

I Am #NotLessThan

Why don’t we see boys cheerleading for girls’ sports? Why don’t guys knit, embroider or sew clothing? Why is it ...
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 Beguile yourself with Stray Thoughts

Carless in L.A.

A fun look at our journey to living an environmentally responsible life.

How to Bring Home the Groceries Without a Car

There are two times when not having a car can be a real pain. One is when the buses or ...
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The latest on our journey

The Sewing Report

My comedy of errors as I try to make my own clothes.

Old Shirts to New Dress: RePurposing Clothes

Repurposing clothes with scraps and old shirts I’ve been really getting into repurposing clothes of late. Never mind that I ...
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Okay, laugh yourself silly here

The Mission Walk

My plan and training to walk the California Missions

It’s Time to Do It

Wow. I’ve been working on my training for what I’ve been calling a distance walking challenge for over a year ...
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Here’s where to see how I’ve been walking