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Okay, so I’m into a lot of different things. The below links should get you to each of the different topic areas that I write about. Have fun.

Just Because You’re Paranoid

My latest fiction serial – Lisa and Sid are headed for the shock of their lives, assuming their family and their business don’t make them crazy first. Oh, and there’s someone out to kill them.

Just Because You’re Paranoid – Chapter Seventeen

Sid and Jesse planted their bug the next day without trouble, and we soon had transcripts coming in. Life was ...
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Read the whole serial here.

The Dark Side of the Fridge

Posts about how to really cook, as opposed to merely following recipes. If you truly want to get dinner on the table with a minimum of fuss.

How to cook, cooking for beginners, cooking without recipes

Timing Your Big Holiday Dinner

Welcome back to my special series on how to cook a delicious Big Holiday Dinner even if you've never done ...
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 Check out the latest posts here

The Sewing Report

My comedy of errors as I try to make my own clothes.

Two Quick Sewing Tips

I must confess that I have gotten a little skeptical about quick sewing tips. Inevitably, they're not quick, nor are ...
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Okay, laugh yourself silly here

Stray Thoughts

Rants, musings, what have you. Anything that doesn’t fit into my other topic areas.

Essays, general essay

Walking and Creativity – It’s What I Do

I've been thinking a lot about the connection between walking and creativity, especially since I've been doing a lot of ...
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 Beguile yourself with Stray Thoughts

Guest Posts

All sorts of different guests who shared on my blog.

Millicent Eidson on Entertainment, Education, and Enlightenment

Millicent Eidson and I connected through the Sisters in Crime organization. She is the author of Anthracis, the first of ...
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Check it out by clicking here.

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