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Okay, so I’m into a lot of different things. The below links should get you to each of the different topic areas that I write about. Have fun.

These Hallowed Halls

The latest in the Operation Quickline series finds Sid and Lisa undercover at a small arts college in Wisconsin and working separately. Finding the bad guy will be the easy part. Resolving their feelings for each other, not so much.

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These Hallowed Halls

Sunlight filtered through the bars on the window as I awoke the next morning. I blinked my eyes. Terry stood ...
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The Dark Side of the Fridge

Posts about how to really cook, as opposed to merely following recipes. If you truly want to get dinner on the table with a minimum of fuss.

How to cook, cooking for beginners, cooking without recipes

How to Make Gravy (A Dark Side of the Fridge Special)

This is my annual re-run of the gravy tutorial. Your Thanksgiving Day gravy is critical. This post started with a ...
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Stray Thoughts

Rants, musings, what have you. Anything that doesn’t fit into my other topic areas.

Essays, general essay

What I’m Thinking

Last week, as violence erupted across the country, bland, sorrowful press release after press release landed in my inbox. Almost ...
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 Beguile yourself with Stray Thoughts

Carless in L.A.

A fun look at our journey to living an environmentally responsible life.

Zero Waste: The Pragmatic View

A couple, three weeks ago, I saw a blog post entitled "Zero Waste in 30 Days." So, I read it ...
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The latest on our journey

The Sewing Report

My comedy of errors as I try to make my own clothes.

Rocking My Assembly Line Sewing

My COVID-19 silver lining has been time to sew, and thanks to assembly line sewing, I am cranking out the ...
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Okay, laugh yourself silly here

Guest Posts

All sorts of different guests who shared on my blog.

G.P. Gottlieb on Clichés

I met G.P. Gottlieb a year ago at the aborted Left Coast Crime conference. For a conference that barely lasted ...
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