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Okay, so I’m into a lot of different things. The below links should get you to each of the different topic areas that I write about. Have fun.

Amateur Theatricals

Book twelve in the Operation Quickline series, the stage is set for a major undercover case as Sid, Lisa, and Nick go undercover at a university to find who’s killing KGB moles in training.

Amateur Theatricals – Chapter Eight

Thursday night, the Dance Recital officially opened. The air outside the costume shop was electric, and the noise of an ...

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The Dark Side of the Fridge

Posts about how to really cook, as opposed to merely following recipes. If you truly want to get dinner on the table with a minimum of fuss.

How to cook, cooking for beginners, cooking without recipes

Surviving the Grocery Store

We have a grocery store near us that we absolutely love, yet we generally refer to it as The Gates ...

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The Sewing Report

My comedy of errors as I try to make my own clothes.

The Sewing Report: Using the Scraps

The one downside to sewing, and specifically clothing construction, is that there's a certain amount of waste that gets generated ...

Okay, laugh yourself silly here

Stray Thoughts

Rants, musings, what have you. Anything that doesn’t fit into my other topic areas.

Essays, general essay

Learning How To Write the Future

This is actually an updated of a post that I wrote in 2018. The interesting thing is that Time Enough ...

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Guest Posts

All sorts of different guests who shared on my blog.

Laurie Buchanan on Mysteries, Thrillers and Suspense

Laurie Buchanan is one of my fellow authors in the Blackbird Writers group. She's also the author of the Sean ...

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