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The Training Walk: Back in Action

Training WalkIt was during the second week of my training. I caught one nasty cold. In the post for that week, I lamented how it seems as though as soon as I start some sort of exercise program, the first thing I do is get sick. Or injured.

Well, early last December, it was the injury and it was a nasty one. Sciatic pain. Massively nasty, incredibly painful. Couldn’t freaking move for love nor money. I’ve been doing weekly visits to the physical therapist ever since. And with the start of the year, had to start all over on my walking plan. Damn.

But I’m doing a lot better. I’ve got a couple more weeks to go before I’m back to where I was when the injury happened. And I’m back to writing about my experiences. The good news is, the set back was simply that – a set back. It didn’t kill my training program. I’m still walking – which is terrific. Learning how to walk differently than I was, which probably is what thrashed my back, so that’s a bit intense.

Alas, it’s not that interesting right now. Did see a pretty tree during one of my walks earlier this month. More importantly, I thought to take a picture of it.


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