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White House Rhapsody Resumes

What do you do with a novel that won’t end? You turn it into a web serial.

Cover for White House Rhapsody, a romance fiction serial

I started the White House Rhapsody blog several years ago when I was trying to figure out what to do with this massive novel I’d been playing with off and on. The story of President Mark Jerguessen and his aide Sharon Wheatly, set in a kinder, gentler Washington, DC, just kept growing and growing. Not only did I have to deal with Mark and Sharon trying not to fall in love with each other, never mind how attracted they were, their family members started making noise and insisting that I tell their stories, as well.

What I had – and have – is this huge, heavily episodic story. It wouldn’t work as a straight up novel. If anything, it looked more like a television series than anything else. Only in novel form. Wait, I thought. That’s what blogs are.

I created the site and started posting away. However, as time went on, it got to be a bit much to manage as a separate blog, especially since I’d start blogging out some of my other fiction, such as the Operation Quickline series. So, I shuttered the original site and brought all the episodes to this one. In fact, I blogged the first part of White House Rhapsody here last fall.

Now, it’s time to take up the story again, and we’ll begin with Chapter 26 next week. It takes up right where we left off last November. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this sweet, light-hearted romance yet, you can get the book version of the first part here. See you next week

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