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Stray Thoughts: Dog Pictures

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It’s a fifth Tuesday and I thought for fun, I’d throw up a few dog pictures featuring our own WunderHund Clyde!


Or should I say Clyde in his natural state – sleeping. Clyde’s a basset hound, basically a speed bump with legs. He’s a lot of fun and very expressive.


Yes, Clyde, we’re talking about you. Plaintive seems to be his best look. Oh, and here’s a very short video of Clyde running.

My husband is the one out-running Clyde. We were at our local dog park. Scary thing is, not 10 minutes later – after I’d put my phone away, of course – Clyde took off running after a whippet, of all things. You know, one of those smaller versions of a grayhound? Go figure.

And because Dorothy Parker always gets the last word, here’s one of her.


If you enjoyed these shots, I send similar pics of the critters out every month in The Robin Goodfellow Newsletter. Won’t you please sign up in the box at the top of the column on the right? Not only will you get fun pet pictures of Clyde and Parker, you’ll get quick updates on the blogs and where I’m selling soap and other fun stuff. I promise to keep it short and entertaining.









4 thoughts on “Stray Thoughts: Dog Pictures”

    1. I don’t know about the cheap part. Some years back, Parker cost us $4oo right on top of grape picking season when she got mysteriously sick. But entertaining? All of our critters have been, especially Clyde.

  1. I LOVE dog commercials, photos of dogs, dogs I meet on the street. My dogs are my family, so if you want my attention, just send a dog my direction, and I’m yours!

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