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Where to get supplies:

Natural Oils Intemational  (all kinds of oils)

Bramble Berry  Soap Making Supplies (Base oils and essential oils)

Elements Bath and Body (essential oils – slightly cheaper than Bramble Berry)

Super King (pommace olive oil)

Smart & Final (pommace olive oil)

Trader Joe’s (coconut oil sometimes)

Health food stores (coconut oil)

Arroyo Food Co-op (coconut oil)

Altadena Hardware (Lye)
Lye Calculator
Majestic Mountain Sage

Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies 

Check your preferred app store for phone and tablet apps.

Basic Steps :
l.) Prepare your container molds, lining with aluminum foil to prevent leaks, if necessary, then
waxed or silicon paper to get the soap out (unless you’re using a silicon mold).
2.) Measure out water and lye. TAKE OUTSIDE. Carefully, avoiding the fumes, pour the lye into
the water and stir. Cover with a piece of aluminum foil, with a small vent.
3.) Measure out oils and add-ons (essential oils, nutrients), carefully melt solid oils to just warm
to the touch.
4.) Add lye to oils and mix thoroughly (can be done by hand, but immersion blender is
recommended). Add add-ons as mixture thickens, then start looking for medium trace — when the
droplets leave trails in the mixture.
5.) Pour mixture into container or molds, cover with waxed or silicon paper and weight with
heavy towel.
6.) Let harden for three days, then unmold and cut, ifnecessary.
7.) Let bars cure for one to two weeks.

Anne’s Formula: (half batch amounts in parentheses)

1350 gr. (675 gr.) Distilled Water
495 gr. (247 gr.) Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)
2520 gr.  (1260 gr.) Pommace Olive Oil
1080 gr.  (540 gr.) Coconut Oil
1 1/2 c. (3/4) (roughly)  Oatmeal, ground to powder
50 — 60 gr. (25 – 30 gr.) Essential Oil

Book to read –
The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps, Susan Miller
Cavitch, Storey Books, 1995

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