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Coming Soon!

Fascinating Rhythm in AudioBook

It is taking some time. Who knew it would be such a complicated process? But the first chapter of the audiobook version of Fascinating Rhythm is in the works. I hope. I'm doing the reading myself. The performance part is relatively easy since I've spent years teaching others how to read aloud effectively. The recording part - well, let's just say I love a steep learning curve.

I did do a couple sample chapters, recorded by Dave Klein from Here's Chapter One to whet your appetite whilst I get the rest of my act together.


The third novel in the Freddie and Kathy series is about to be released. You can even buy the ebook now and have it delivered on release day April 30. See above or click here for more information.

In the Queue

I've got lots of projects in various stages of production. In fact, I'm prepping my first fantasy release, A Ring For a Second Chance, for publication in October. And my time travel epic, But World Enough and Time will start as a serial on my blog later this summer.

I recently completed the first draft on another historical mystery, this time set in the City of Los Angeles, but not the one you know. L.A. in the 1870s was just a small backwater and the center of winemaking and grape growing in all of California. I'm immensely proud of it but look for it sometime next year.  I also recently finished the first draft of a contemporary mystery called Rage Issues, featuring theatre producer and reluctant P.I. Daria Barnes. Don't want to get that one out until I have the sequel started.

I have started the first draft of the fourth Freddie and Kathy novel, Blood Red, but am not sure when that will come out, since it's not even close to being finished.

Not to mention my serials White House Rhapsody and (coming soon) the third Operation Quickline story, Deceptive Appearances. Stopleak, the book, is due out later this spring.

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